Unpacking Binary Blobs

I am thinking about writing an app that uses OSC (Open Sound Control) to retrieve information from a mixer. The program will use a UTP connection to request the data. The data is returned as a Binary Blob. According to the documentation, the function returns 50 32bits values as a single OSC blob.
The 32bits values returned are representing 100 successive little endian coded short ints"

How do I “get at” the integer values? Can I just copy the blob to an array of short ints and then iterate over them? I’ve never worked with blobs before and I’m kind of lost. Could someone please point me in the right direction? I appreciate any help I can get.

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“Binary blob” sounds like you should store it as a MemoryBlock. You can then access the integer values by using the Int32Value method:

  Dim blob As MemoryBlock = GetTheDataSomehow()
  blob.LittleEndian = True
  Dim i As Int32 = blob.Int32Value(5 * 4) 'access the 6th integer (index * sizeof int32)