Unix UTC Time

There are plenty of times where I need to obtain the current UTC time, in the unix timestamp format.

I’ve written the following helper method that extends the Date object to get the job done easily, and are sharing it here for anyone else who might find it useful.

Function UnixUTCTime(Extends d As Date) As UInt64
  Dim tmpUInt64 As UInt64
  Dim timeDiff As UInt64
  timeDiff = d.GMTOffset * 60 * 60
  tmpUInt64 = d.TotalSeconds
  tmpUInt64 = tmpUInt64 - 2082844800 - timeDiff
  return tmpUInt64
End Function

Just paste the code in any public module. You use it as follow:

Dim d As New Date()

MsgBox Str(d.UnixUTCTime)