Universal Build and AppStore -> Troubles

Yesterday morning I compiled an app as Universal. It works fine om my four test devices : MBP i7, MBP M1, MBA 2017 and iMac 2015.
I submitted the app for AppStore approval and it was rejected because it crashed on launch.

After asking more details they replied it crashes without creating a crashreport (??). So little help from Apple here. :-/

So last night I submitted the Intel only version and today it got approved and is now available on the AppStore.

Basically it seems there are issues with Universal builds and getting it approved for the AppStore. I think it is worth putting this on the top priority for Xojo Inc to fix this ASAP.

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Can you upload the UB version for us for testing? Make some crippled test version if you have to. But without crash reports this will be hard to reproduce.

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Can you try the newer plugins here?

it’s very possible an issue with the runtime error (‘Could not open plugin’). It’s seems to be a known issue by Xojo Inc.
But it is unclear to me that it needs a fix by Xojo or the plugin makers.

Will try this but it will be difficult to test because the issue is not triggered on my systems.

Just asking … what is the difference in Plugins? Different names for Intel and ARM?

II think the reviewer is telling you porky pies.

I second this. Let us have a bash at it.

Separate dylibs for Intel and Apple Silicon to avoid the universal dylibs.

I tried this and it works on Intel and ARM devices (but I could reproduce the crashing with the previous plugins too).

But what I did notice is that the first time I launch the app it takes a pretty long time. I rebooted the system and tried again … a whopping 8 seconds before the window appears. With the previous plugins it was less then 2 seconds.

IMO this is not good.

Any reason why this happens?

8 seconds for Intel version? Every time you start it?

Apple have been having issues with their Notarization service this entire week, the delay is probably the inability for your Mac to talk to Apple in a reasonable time frame.

Just noticed someone else is complaining about this with Big Sur, where app crashes but no report is coming up.

It may be fixed in 2020R2.1 (beta).