Universal app problem


An app, compiled with 2021r1 as Universal on a Mac Mini M1 with Big Sur, runs on it but not on a MacBook Pro with Catalina.
The same app, compiled with 2021r1 as Universal on the MacBook Pro with Catalina, runs on it and on the Mac M1.
The sizes of the two versions are different.
Bug ??

I hope someone with a Mac Mini M1 (or other M1) can test this. In theory you should get the same sizes and the Universal should work on both.

I don’t have a machine with M1, but 2021r1 should be working as native arm on M1. Can you test changing that option to use the intel code and build again?

What is “doesn’t run”? Do you see the app icon in the Dock and then the app dies? Do you get anything in the Console? Is the app codesigned and notarized or not? Is the first line of code reached or does the app die before? Do you have any plugins like Valentina? Do the plugins have the same versions?

The finder says “Unable to open the application”
The console :
|Finder|Found application to open application |
|Finder|LAUNCHING:0x0-0x1eaceab RealCADD UB foreground=1 bringForward=1 seed=6358 userActivityCount=0|
|Finder|spawn_via_launchd() failed, errno=111 label= path= flags=1|

The app is not codesigned nor notarized.

You need to code sign your application. Or manually approve it