Universal app for iOS and macOS .. Oh boy..


you are a few hours late to the party :slight_smile:

same discussion here: https://forum.xojo.com/45021-apple-s-project-marzipan/

Strange… I remember some discussion where Windows was accused of precisely the same attempt in Windows 8. It did not go that well :wink: Welcome to Apple’s own version of UWP :wink:

I am telling you. Soon iOS will take over your Mac :wink:

As for the thread about project Marzipan, it is so abstruse, it made no sense to me. Starting with the title. At least THIS thread title means something.

Thank you Christoph for starting a thread that is readable by normal human beings.

I personally feel that’s where it’s going, as the macOS and ipadOS get closer and closer, it’s only a matter of time till Xcode is on the iPad and then I think it’ll be “Game over” for the Mac.

I really enjoyed reading this guy’s thoughts on it: http://shapeof.com/archives/2017/12/bloomberg_single_ui_experience.html

This guy is hitting the nail : iPad Pro at least should have a mouse to be anything like a real computer (let alone to correctly support XCode), and Mac should have a touch interface to correctly support iOS.

Until that dismal turkey of Federighi and probably his idiot counterpart in the iOS team understand they need to enable a smooth hardware transition between the two platforms, their attempts at convergence seem cumbersome at best.