Unicode Normalization now part of M_String package

Kem Tekinay of MacTechnologies Consulting is pleased to release M_Norm, a Unicode Normalization module as part of the free M_String package.

Unicode Normalization is an intricate way to convert strings to a standard, or “normal”, form suitable for searching. The M_Norm module uses pure Xojo code to support all four forms of Normalization, and is fast, cross-platform, and completely compatible. In fact, M_Norm passes all the unit tests provided by Unicode.org, unlike the native Mac and Windows functions. (The unit tests are included in the package.)

But if you still prefer to use the OS-native tools, M_Norm lets you do that too on Mac, Windows, and iOS.

The M_String module includes dozens of functions for working with strings that range from an easy way to repeat a string to wrapping paragraphs with padding, and is available for free here: