Unicode characters in DynaPDFMBS

Creating a mostly text PDF

Sample code from MBS follows:

[quote]call pdf.SetFont “Arial”, pdf.kfsNone, fsz, true, pdf.kcpunicode
call pdf.WriteFTextEx 100, 200, 500, -1, pdf.ktaCenter, “Arial with Unicode: ???”[/quote]

This works.

But text of mine holding a character of unicode &u2B08 always shows up as squares


It works in a text file under Arial and Helvetica on my Mac.
Anyone know how to make it show up properly in a PDF?

The text itself is several paragraphs. Some parts of it can be user generated.
One user has pasted in this character as part of their text.
Throughout my processing I added DefineEncodings as UTF8, and the character is visible as correct in the debugger before it is inserted into the PDF using WriteFTextEx as above.

Does it work, if you use Helvetica as font? Or Arial Unicode?

I fear the character may not be available in the regular Arial font and font substitution is coming with DynaPDF 5 version.

I’ve tried both.
It displays correctly in Textedit using Helvetica (and most other fonts) , but not within the body of a PDF

Were you able to find a solution, I’m having this same issue.

Can you show us some example code demonstrating the problem.

Please try latest DynaPDF plugin from us and make sure you use a font including this character like Arial Unicode MS.