Unexpected "Save As..."

Sometimes, last night for instance, I’m presented with the Save As… dialog in the IDE rather than my project simply saving changes I’ve made.

I understand that when I open an incomplete project and the IDE complains that File->Save will act like Save As to protect my project. I expect there’s also other situations where the volume I opened the project from disappears so the IDE presents me with a Save dialog, etc.

But last night, when opened without error from an external volume that had (as far as I could tell) no access rights issues, I got the Save As dialog after making a few changes.

Is there something else I should be looking for in this instance?

I could “re=save” the entire multi-file project on top of the old one but it seems heavy handed (dangerous) and will affect modification dates and perhaps other things…

FYI, to close this loop…

It turns out this was a licensing issue. I had some disk issues and was running under a new install of the OS. Xojo was missing it’s licensing information and it wasn’t licensed to save multi-file projects.

My projects would load fine, but on saving it would flip into Save As… mode.

Very confusing, so I thought I’d post this info and save someone in the future some confusion.