Understanding Format and Mask

I’m trying to understand the Format and Mask properties of a TextField. What ever I do doesn’t look right and what I need is so simple.

What Mask or Format do I have to use to be able to let the user enter a value between 0.00 and 9999.99? Do I use “Format” or do I use “Mask”?
I don’t want to allow characters but the user must be able to enter a dot any time unless there’s a dot already. A value of 63.12 is as valid as 8244.83 or 9.10, but negatives aren’t allowed and neither are spaces or nothing at all.

I was going to use the Einhugur TimeControl for this, as this is a “duration”, but that doesn’t let me enter values over 23:59:59 (making it a TimeOfDayControl).

Any help welcome.
Thanks guys.

Format is used to print data to the screen, so if there is a value to be displayed the format is used. Mask is used of input, so when the user punches in data. A mask of “9999.99” will give you what you want in this case.

Thanks Wayne, it worked. I wonder why this wasn’t working for me before, I’m sure I tried that.