Unable to set class property inside IDE

Wondering if anyone is experiencing/has a solution for a bug i have in Xojo 2021r2.1…

I have a class with a string property visible in the IDE inspector panel which, in design-time, i can get the value but i’m unable to set the property.

I need the ability for the property to be set during design-time however it doesn’t seem this is possible?
If anyone has had this issue or has a solution please let me know.


Can you post a picture of what you’re seeing in the Inspector, the class itself, and the Inspector properties of the class?

Sure can.

Screenshot 2021-11-01 152344

Inside the Set is:

VectorNameString = value

And inside the get:

Return VectorNameString

As I suspected, it’s a computed property.

Delete VectorName and change VectorNameString to VectorName to see what happens. Be sure to adjust the Inspector prefs afterwards.

I had tried this but had done once again like you said and still returning null. I had it set up the other way so that i could check if the variable was null during design-time whereas i have to run the program this way.

I’m trying to have Xojo draw a picture into the container while inside the IDE once an image is parsed into the property. Hence why i need to be able to debug while in design-time

A string can’t return a NULL though. Are you seeing an Exception or just unexpected behavior?

Sorry i don’t mean NULL, i mean it’s returning an empty string.

I ended up solving it. I needed to use the StringProperty method inside of the WebSDK to get the value. Used like this:

Dim str As String = StringProperty("VectorName")
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