unable to run Ios project

Hi all, I’m trying to use Xojo for mobile development I have installed the trial on my macbook however if I try pressing run nothing happens do I need to install something else like a simulator etc ?

OS = OSX El Capitan
Xojo Version = 2015 4.1


Yes, you must have XCode installed and run once. Else the simulator will not be available. See here: http://developer.xojo.com/userguide/ios-simulator

Thanks Ulrich, Xcode is installed but still pressing the RUN button in Xojo does not do anything. Both Run and Build are greyed out

If you look into the iOS setting in Navigator / Inspector: Are there any simulator devices present? If not, locate the Devices window in XCode and add a few devices. Then (at least after a Xojo restart) you should be able to select a device to start your debug build on.

Have you launched XCode ? That is necessary to initialize the iOS simulator. It needs to be done once.

You may want to read QuickStartiOS.pdf, in the Documentation folder, next to the Xojo executable.

I have Xcode already installed since I develop with it, so I must be really missing something here.

May be the path to XCode, then. There were occurrences of Xojo not being able to launch the simulator when XCode versions changed.

In Xcode Preferences, Locations tab is something selected for the Command Line Tools setting?

Thanks Paul !! issue fixed :slight_smile: