unable to run app remotely on pi

so I was wanting to run an example app on my raspberry pi, so I ran it remotely my pi.
However, the remote debugger on the pi gives this error in the window:

05:55:25 PM: Connection established
05:55:25 PM: Stub<-IDE HELLO, 19.1.1a0, Protocol: 6, Local IP:
05:55:25 PM: Using protocol version 6
05:55:25 PM: IDE Version supported
05:55:25 PM: Stub->IDE OLLEH, 1.9.038, 6, Remote Address:
05:55:25 PM: Stub->IDE PLATFORM-RESPONSE, Linux, ARM, ELF, Linux 4.14.98-v7+ Raspbian GNU/Linux 9
05:55:29 PM: Stub<-IDE CREATEFILE, DebugMyApplication.tar.gz, Relative path: True,
05:55:29 PM: Stub->IDE CHALLENGE, 123EBF
05:55:29 PM: Waiting for RESPONSE
05:55:29 PM: Connection closed
05:55:29 PM: Connection closed
05:55:29 PM: Got a RESPONSE packet, about to decrypt
05:55:29 PM: Response caused an exception, terminating now
05:55:29 PM: Challenge/Response failed
05:55:29 PM: Stub->IDE SOS, Could not create file or folder:

and it doesn’t work. I am new to xojo and somewhat new to raspberry pi’s, so if anyone has some insight it would be appreciated.

Check the download directory in the stub’s options and make sure it’s writable.

Sorry it took so long, I was rather busy this week. So I took a look at the stubs download directory options and set it to a new folder which I make writable and I still got the same results. Any other ideas.

Having this issue too on Debian with ARM… any progress @Nathan Collin ?

Nathan and Daniel,

Which Pi and what version of Debian? Also, what is your host platform where Xojo is running? I do a lot of Pi work using 3 B+ and 4 units and I’m always able to remote debug with Xojo 19r1.1 and its ARM remote desktop debugger app, but I’m using a Linux host for the Xojo IDE when I do this.

Also, you are using the remote Desktop debugger and not the Console debugger, right?

Thanks @Tim Jones! Glad someone is having success.

I was using the remote console debugger. Ideally I would like to remote debug web apps so I started with a test console apps.

I’m using debian:10. starting the remote debugger as root.

Ah - don’t do that - start it as your normal user. That may be what you’re running into.

Perhaps that’s the case. I’m using a non GUI version of debian (server) so I don’t think I can use the desktop app.

Please let us know if running the remote debugger as a normal user instead of root sorts this.

I am not sure if I have the same issue. I was running the Remote Debugger Desktop 2.3 with Xojo 19R3.1 on MacOS. My application used to run in the debugger. Main targets are Windows and Mac and the Pi has a reduced feature set but it interfaces to industrial hardware. I have the same back end with a full featured front end on windows and mac and load a completely different main screen on raspberry pi.

Recently I did a lot of changes on windows/mac and the back end got much bigger (MBS plugins were also added). That work is done and I am doing a new front end on the Pi. The remote debugger has stopped working for my application, but if I take a separate (much smaller) app and do a remote debug it works. If I build my big app and then install, it also works (but with bugs…). I can see that the debug application is correctly transferred to the debug folder but it fails to run with no errors. Last lines of log:

03:19:42 PM: Stub->IDE FILELAUNCHED, File ID: 0 03:19:42 PM: Stub<-IDE SEEYA 03:19:42 PM: Connection closed

I am wondering if I am hitting a memory issue or something similar.

This could happen if the debugger can’t communicate for example of there is a long loop in the open event, the port is already in use by another process.

Try “sudo killall [appname]”

Also don’t daemonize that would stop the debugging

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