Unable to run Android Project on Linux

I have downloaded and installed Xojo on my Manjaro Linux laptop. I have successfully developed and run a desktop application on it. When I am developing Android project then after clicking on Run button it is asking to select a file. Android Studio is already installed on my laptop. But it is not opening Android Studio automatically. Rather it is asking to open a file. So which file I should open after clicking on Run button corresponding to Android project? Please clarify it.

The file selector is for you to select the Android Studio location. The next version will also display a prompt to make that clear.

The location of android-studio command is /usr/bin/android-studio but I am not able to select this file. Files inside the folder /usr/bin are not selectable. So how to select the file?

It is a folder selector, so you should be able to select the containing folder.

After selecting folder it is again asking to select a folder. So I am unable to select a folder. Here is the screenshot of error message that I see: