Unable to resume on broken download. Slow network

I have a slow network. I have been trying to download Xojo for a few hours now. But it keeps breaking and I cant resume the download. Is there any Torrent link I can use? I am quite eager to use this but this is a big issue.

Hope there is a solution

Are you just downloading through browser?

Try and find a reputable download manager?

I just bought a new Mac Mini. New to it. I am reluctant to put utilities with just one function as I have the cheapest one. Usually, the browser (Opera) does do a good job. It does Resume other downloads. But not here.

Hopefully others with more Mac experience in downloads will chime in

I’m just a casual Mac user

Try using the built-in browser Safari.

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Thanks everyone. I finally was able to download Xojo on my Mac. I just hope they read this and give a way to download on slow networks. Luckily there was no Internet glitch over 9 hours :slight_smile:


Good deal :+1:

9 hours? :astonished:

Some places still have to dial up or rely on very slow broadband

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I believe that Sabu is from India. Not only slow, but seems that sometimes the government shuts the internet down too, at some places.

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THird parties may also cut the Internet at intervals. In France and Germany (where I go), there is a 3 hours connection limit.

And I do not talk about unable to reach web sites with “blog” / “blogspot” in their URL, loss of ftp, etc.

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I think my own internet speed made me ignorant to the possibility others may be worse off. I’m hovering around 100Mbps in Ireland, and always assumed that everyone had a better connection than me.

I should really look outside more often!

I just made a speed test right now in my home’s Internet connection: 0.28 Mbit/s. So yes, you’re not the slowest; by far.

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And you liked my post :wink:
I, for one, don’t like my Internet connection.

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It was more sympathy heart than like :yum:

Again it still baffles me the internet speed around the world.

Of course, I was kidding :wink:

That’s why I’m considering getting Internet from satellite.

I do hear good things about Star-link but I don’t know about the price though.

Anything is definitely better than 0.28!

Your input is greatly appreciated, thank you; it’s true I’m hesitating and reading this makes me more confident to go on.

Not cheap. US$499 for the kit + $99/month for a 50~150mbps

I pay US$27/month for a 300mbps fiber link.

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That’s brilliant for 300mb/s. I pay around £30 for 100mb/s on fiber.

I would give star link a miss personally, mainly because the wife says so lol

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