unable to remove EOL

I am unable to replace EndOfLines from .doc files that contain soft-return (shift-return).
The doc. files are imported thru binarystream and then processed into plainText by a textutil shell.
When I show them into a textarea, all the soft-return of the original file show as endOfLine, and I’m unable to remove them.

I tried this code, but without success:
//TextArea1.text = Encoding(TextArea1.text, Encodings.utf8)//or ConvertEncoding…
TextArea1.text = ReplaceLineEndings(TextArea1.text, EndOfLine)
TextArea1.text = TextArea1.text.ReplaceAll(EndOfLine, “”)
for i as Integer = 0 to 30
TextArea1.text = TextArea1.text.ReplaceAll(chr(i), " ")

A mini project available here

Suggestions welcome. Thanks.

After so many attempts I found the way:
TextArea1.text = TextArea1.text.ReplaceAll(chr(8232), " ")