Unable to Quit Xojo 2017r2

I was checking something in Xojo 2017r2, then press cmd-q and nothing happens.

After some seconds, I realized that the LR window IS frontmost. I closed it and issued a cmd-q that was then working.

Do you experiment the same behavior ?

I’ve seen this with other apps that the Xojo IDE. Another window has focus but is not frontmost, so keystrokes are going to that window instead of where you expect. I’ve even seen this with Apple’s own apps like Pages, Installer, Logic Pro X, and Final Cut Pro X.

I suspect that the issue is in Mac OS, rather than the apps.

(After large sleep):
I saw that, sometimes, in project after I add a window: they do not have an attached MenuBar and so keystrokes does not fire any MenuEvent(s).

NTW: We cannot run the project when the Languae Reference window is frontmost too.