Unable to paste styled data from FireFox 25


I am unable to paste styled data from FireFox 25, but I was able to do it from FF 24.

The data comes from a styled Web page. Pasted to the OS X TextEdit shows the styles.
Nota: drag and drop the text in my application (both run in the IDE and Stand Alone) gives RAW text data.

I checked and the TextArea Control have the Styled button to ON.

Xojo 2013 Release 3.2

The used web page is (in French and) at:

Help, any help, will be received with joy.


PS: same page
drag and drop from FireFox 25 into Apple’s TextEdit (RTF window) displays without the image.
drag and drop from Safari 6.1 (8537.71) into Apple’s TextEdit (RTF window) displays the styled text AND the image.

Nota: I do not care about the image here (I drop it into a Canvas).
Also, Doctor Who (top of pag) and names in the Casting part does not appears in red.

I would say that this was a change in the behavior of Firefox (it could even be a bug in Firefox), although not all of the styles that are supported by CSS are allowed in a styled textarea, so I bet they upgraded to something that our styled textarea doesn’t support.

Hi Greg,

yes … and no.

Paste styled text in a Styled TextArea usually works (worked). Getting these styles in the saved rtf file is another thing (and so to display them later)…

Since I send the original text, I used Safari with great misbehaviors: styles applyed in partial words, partial styles in words,…

The only way I found to get what I want is to do more work than copy / paste into Apple’s TextEdit.

BTW: I used Clipboard.RawData(“styl”) to get the droped data from FireFox.
Is there’s a way to ‘discover’ what 4 letters code I have to use (now) ?

I am not really sure about a change in FF 25. I will check.

AHHHGHH ! I forgot to tell the computer environment:

Xojo 2013 Release 3.2
OS X 10.8.5 (12F45)
FireFox 25
Safari 6.1 (8537.71)

These seems to works fine (I format the hard disk a week ago or so).

I will try back with FireFox 24 (and also 23 if I found them in my Hard Disk) later.