Unable to Locate Component Error

I’ve re-built my 32-bit Windows app in 2016r1, I’ve updated my InnoSetup script to install the Windows Universal Runtime, and yet when I install my app on a base level Vista virtual machine (to test that I can support the minimum OS supported by Xojo) I get an error “This application has failed to start because api-ms-win-crt-runtime-|1-1-0.dll was not found.” Even if I run the VC_redist.x86.exe by itself and confirm that it is installed (I get options to repair or remove so it must be installed) I can’t get past this. I have no issues on Windows 8, just on Vista.

Has the machine rebooted since the runtime install? Also- Vista has to have SP2 and all platform updates from Windows Update installed to be compatible with the MS universal runtime.

Just as a reminder- Vista support has been deprecated since 2015 R3 and is likely to be removed soon. Its DPI scaling, graphics, and text rendering features hold us back in various ways compared to Windows 7+.

Thanks Travis. I tried rebooting it (though it didn’t reboot itself after the install) but I didn’t realise that Vista SP2 was required. The Universal Runtime installer doesn’t “complain” about requiring SP2 and completes normally so I assumed it was working. I’ll update Vista to SP2 and try again now.

InnoSetup should be able to detect the configuration and stop installation when SP2 is not present.

Thank you Michel and I did look into that. It’s not completely clear in the InnoSetup docs but it looks as though I can specify “sp2” in the MinVersion property so that it looks like this:

MinVersion= 6.0sp2

I will update this thread once I have verified that this works.

Just confirming that the issue is resolved by requiring Vista SP2 or later as Travis said, above, and also that this requirement can be specified in InnoSetup.