Unable to install... CFBundleExecutable

I was just revisiting an App I completed a few months ago and is now on the MAS.
When I try and drag it onto any of my test devices I now get the following error that I don’t know how to fix

Judge.app does not contain a valid Info.plist, so it cannot be installed on Martin’s iPhone

(“CFBundleExecutable” specifies a file that is not executable)

Probably your app has lost the exec attribute in the executable file inside the bundle. Go to the terminal, locate such file, and do:

chmod 755 theExecFileForThisBundle

The real name of “theExecFileForThisBundle” and where it is you must find out.

Hey? iPhone? Sorry, I thought it was a MacOs app, I was tricked by “dragging” and “Judge.App”, because I do expect people dragging .ipa files.

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Read this, not very different case “to fix and sideload” a damaged by Apple iOS app:

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