Unable to install (but only on some device)

I created a new IOS TestApp produces same result “Unable to install TestApp”

Do me a favor and go to your apple dev account and make sure none of your Ceres or profiles expired recently.

I was just checking there. Back in June I had to do the usual annoying renewal maybe there is an issue there

I just did a blog post about this which may help get all the ducks in a row.

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Technically you should have one development cert and profile per user per app; but it’s common to have one per computer if you have more than one. I suggest adding to their names which app each one is for.

Also, stay away from the wildcard certs with Xojo. They’ll work most of the time, but they don’t work when there are other more specific certs also available.

The way we choose certificates is to look for specific certs over wildcards and then newest over oldest. That means your best bet is to either use a wildcard for everything or only have one specific development and distribution cert per app on your machine at any given time.

Still a bit confused why I could install on the iPad running IOS14.8 and not the iPhone running IOS 15.1 but in my attempts to solve the issue thinking it was a certificate problem I have made things worse :frowning: by deleting something??
A number of my certificates are missing a private key now. In particular I don’t seem to be able to get a valid Mac Development Certificate, no matter how many times I delete it, it still has no key and IOS Dev & Dist won’t show up??

what version of xcode and xojo do you have?
diid you open xcode to see if it requires some additional installs?

Right, I should have mentioned that you must be using Xcode 13.x to install an app on a device running iOS 15.


Looks like mine.
Im watching with a lot of sympathy to see if you manage to resolve this, as I have an app that I cannot update to the App Store for much the same reasons.
Fresh app, no problem.
Old one, nothing works.

That screen full of stuff ‘not installed in keychain’ bothers me.
Many of the certificates and provisions only allow you ‘so many tries’
You cannot delete or revoke unwanted ones and start clean.
It’s a nightmare…

Xojo R3 and Xcode 12.4, I didn’t notice any

So you need to be using Monterey??

That was my worry also that there is no way to start from scratch once you arrive here. I seem to go okay for a year and then when certificates need to renew each year I get stuck in this painful area :frowning:

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This page says that you need Big Sur 11.3

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Thanks, I skipped Big Sur on my devices but just finished installing Monterey on my Laptop which is a bit inconvenient for testing but at least I can check it out.

That can’t be the plist file from the app bundle that is created by Xojo…

I too have issues installing apps since I updated to iOS 15. I’ve been using testflight to test my apps ever since my devices were updated to iOS 15.

Yes I noticed also I could get it done via TestFlight but you have to keep changing the version number which is annoying??

Does this have anything to do with the issue we are seeing?


I think this the solution sits in the above link. I can now install all my apps on my iPhone 12 running IOS15. Until informed otherwise by the experts you will need to compile your apps on Big Sur as a minimum to install on IOS15. Look forward to confirmation by others.

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