Unable to find occurences of text in a Project

In a Desktop project, I generate:



and many other things into a TextArea.

To conform my html text to html5 (for lines 1 and 3 above), I’ve made a global search on <html>, then UTF-8 and Xojo returns nothing.

Worst: I exported the project as XML, load it into TextEdit, made a search for the two entries (see above) and found nothing too.

But: when I execute the application I really generate them in a TextArea ! (I save as html that TextArea and load the file in Firefox: this works fine !).

Ideas ?

Xojo 2015r1 / El Capitan…

It’s a bug in Xojo 2015r1 that was corrected later.

I declared the Properties in a Module and set the default values there. The search feature does not search that field.

And for the html saved project, I searched <body> where the XML generated file stored <body&;gt;.

Today is a bad day.