Unable to add new window on Windows 10?

On an existing project, I attempted to add a new Window, with Xojo 2021 r1.1 IDE, on Windows 10. I can copy and paste an existing window, and not create a new window. These steps do not seem to work:

  1. Create a new project
  2. Menuitem->Insert->WIndow

Select either app, or remove focus from any control, and no window is added.

Is there something simple that I am missing?

When I tried the steps you described, it looked like no new window was created. But the Navigator now had a Window1 (which was automatically created with the creation of the project) and a Window2. Without having made any changes to Window1, the two windows are identical. Try it again and see if the new window shows up in the Navigator.

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Thanks for the feedback Dale.

I restarted my computer, and now a new Windows2 appears when using my above steps. That was weird. :slight_smile:

I have that often under macOS.

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