Unable to access a password protected page

Well first off I am new here and I thank everyone for all their hard efforts.

I am learning, and have an advanced inquisitiveness. I hope it doesn’t come across wrong.

My project aspires to have an SSL tunnel with a PHP relay. We have a password protected folder and actually accessing the webshell is throwing an error which is preventing access.

This populates the address bar of the HTTPStuff example:


The situation with password protected folders is that the httpviewer should drop down a login for username and password. Instead everything is going to the host file handler.
I’d like to get the login programmatically situated and drop the shell page to text file. I’ve got a recursion over a lower folder’s files and folders, and it also receives URL arguments.

I though it would be as simple as adding an event handler for AuthenticationRequested which failes.

name = “useragent”
password = “6Gp2sRXBQr92kv^;5k”
Return True

You can see the credentials are valid: http://sandbox.pathfindershirts.com/

Yea and sorry I meant HTML Viewer. I thought I’ve read about others having success with this method, but maybe I am off in my coding. I am also considering other methods to handle internet protocol but I thought this would be simple. Still trying to find code examples for this coding language. I’ve added an SSL now incase the link didn’t work.

I can’t seem to get it to work either. It’s weird because I can see the HTTP request succeed in Wireshark, but the URLConnection is retaining the error page from the original challenge response.

As a workaround you can set the username/password manually before sending the request:

' in PushButton1.Action    
URLConnection1.RequestHeader("Authorization") = "Basic " + EncodeBase64("useragent:6Gp2sRXBQr92kv^;5k")
URLConnection1.Send("GET", TextField1.Text)

Thanks you

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