UK Postcode Lookup

Is anyone in the UK doing postcode lookup using the Royal Mail website from XOJO.

My postcode lookup needs are so small that I don’t want to commit to an expensive API - i.e. I would be lucky to do 50 lookups a year, never mind a day so the royal mail site seems the way to go and T&C’s allow for personal use. I would like to post to the site a postcode and recover the list of addresses it presents. Is this even possible in the background? The list could then be parsed to fill a few fields in my system (a little less crude than cut and paste).

The website is here;

An example postcode sn13ex produces 6 ‘possibles’.

Can these be ‘grabbed’ and added to a popup menu from the returned ‘popup menu’?

I have done simple sock stuff with http post, but nothing like this so I don’t know where to start :frowning:

Web scraping can be unreliable and possibly violate certain terms of service.

Here’s a quick and dirty example using a non-Royal Mail API found at which lets you make 20 free API calls a day. I used a mix of old httpsocket and new dictionary because I find those easier to use for simple projects:

[code]dim apikey, postalcode, url, tmp1, tmp2(), addr as text
dim ret as string
dim https as new HTTPSecureSocket
dim d as new xojo.Core.Dictionary
dim a() as auto
dim i, j as integer

https.Secure = True
https.ConnectionType = https.TLSv12

apikey = “your-api-key”
postalcode = “sn13ex”

url = “” + postalcode + “?api-key=” + apikey

ret = https.get(url, 30).defineencoding(encodings.UTF8)

d =

a = d.value(“Addresses”)

for i = 0 to a.Ubound
tmp1 = a(i)
tmp2 = tmp1.Split(",")

for j = 0 to tmp2.Ubound
  addr = tmp2(j).trim
  if j = 0 then
    tmp1 = addr
  elseif addr <> "" then
    tmp1 = tmp1 + ", " +addr
  end if



I have an SQLite database with all postcodes up until the number just after the space i.e. it gives the town, county and country, but not the street.

Thanks both, offers good value for my needs an the example works flawlessly.

thanks i got the code working for my application… thanks guy… for the thingy

i just duplicate my curl and json thingy for UKVehicleData and modify for the and it work great