UK/EU Equivalent Of DigitalOcean

Anyone know of an equivalent to Digital Ocean what are not based in, or controlled by, the US?

Do you mean Digital River?

Yes, is becoming very popular and they’re based in the UK.

No, I meant :

They are an excellent hosting service - 30 second virtual server spin up times. Fast and reliable. They are quite excellent. I have no problem with them but always looking for a closer to home and not US controlled host. Various reason, I’m sure you can guess at least one of them :slight_smile:

Well, I used Jiffybox before:

That is hosted in EU.

Thanks, I’ll check them out.

I’m a long time Linode user, very happy with them.

They are a US company, but have data centres in London and Frankfurt too.

@Ian Jones Yeah I use them also. I’ve got Linode & DO servers (about 35 in total) in every datacentre they have between them. I like the flexibility they provide (though I prefer DO).

Just investigating EU/UK wholly owned companies. Might not be possible to get similar enough service, but I want to try.