UITableViewCell.CellStyle question

As I am diving into XOJO iOS capabilities before starting development, is there a way to change the cell style for a MobileTableCellData class ?

Xojo only enables us to display the DetailedText under the Text, but UITableViewCell.CellStyle provides several options (bottom of the page here)

How can we access the other styles ? Is it possible ?

No it is not possible.

You can create a custom table cell for any special needs.

Thanks for the quick reply.

That was my initial idea and that is what I did in a prototype. I found the custom table cell to be handy until I decided to add automatic font scaling. When I add a label to a custom table cell, the adjustsFontForContentSizeCategory method does not work on the label.

Where do you put the code to adjust the font?

The code was tested in the Opening even tof the label. Then it was tested in the Custom Cell Opening event.

I don’t think Opening events in custom cells ever get called.

Create a method (called Init in the example below) in the CustomCell with the code you need.
Then call that method after you create the cell:

Var cell As MobileTableCellData = Table1.CreateCustomCell(GetTypeInfo(MyTableCell))
Var container As MyTableCell = MyTableCell(cell.Control)

Thank you, that was the solution.

Just tested the opening event and it is not called. Could someone from Xojo maybe explain why this event is not called ? Is it a bug ? The documentation suggests that it should be called.