UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key

I haven’t tried to upload a new version of an iOS app to iTunes Connect for some time. Just got an error that I need to supply “arm64” value for UIRequiredDeviceCapabilities key. Using Xojo 2018r3. Anybody else run in to this?


All of my 64bit Swift apps use “armv7”

what is your currently set to?

2018r3 should already be setting that in the plist - at least it is here in a quick test.

Just checked the info.plist and the value set by Xojo on my app is “armv7”. The error message during the upload says I need “arm64”. Could this be a brand spanking new requirement that Apple added?

As Jason mentioned, the plist generated by 2018r3 already does this. I just checked again.

Are you post-processing the build with any scripts that change that?

Thanks Greg,

It has been over 2 years since I submitted a new version of this app and I had forgotten that there was a post-processing script copying in an info.plist file. Confirmed that Xojo 2018r3 puts “arm64” into the plist file.