Has anyone made a PageViewController yet? I have an app that I’m working on that uses a full screen view and I’d like to swipe left and right to load different pages or screens. I think that the UIPageViewController is what I want, but I don’t find that in any of the declare projects yet, and I couldn’t find anything similar built in to use on iOS.

If anyone has anything they can share for this I’d appreciate it, or if anyone has an idea for something equivalent that would be great as well. The main thing I want to get is the ability to reuse a existing view and just change the contents of some of the labels, and also get the typical ios springy and snap into position feel that a user would expect.

Antonio Rinaldi has created one: UIScrollView and UIPageControl. It works pretty well but it can’t encapsulate an iOSView as you describe; only controls.

Hmm, looks like it might work if I can figure out how to layout controls on it. Seems like it might have to be done all in code. I’ll play with it a little and see. Have you used it yourself? Did you end up having to place controls with code?

Yes you need to add controls in code. I’m using it to display images that can be swiped from left-to-right.