UIKit.UIImagePicker Question

I have an iPad app that takes a photograph using UIKit.UIImagePickerController and I want to capture the orientation of the iPad the instant that the camera shutter is clicked. I know how to get the orientation of the iPad; my app starts polling the orientation as soon as the user presses a button to show theUIKit.UIImagePickerController.

The problem is that it seems I can only capture the orientation when the PictureTaken event fires and that occurs when the user taps the “Use Photo” button in the picker. Commonly the user moves the iPad from the position it was in when the picture was captured to look at it before tapping the Use Photo button.

What I need is something like a “shutter triggered” event to capture the orientation of the iPad the exact moment that the user pressed the shutter, not when the user pressed “Use Photo”.

Is there a place within the UIKit.UIImagePickerController code where I can insert my code to capture orientation or is a new event needed?