UI control for multiple question with next button

Hi All,

I have one app. The app presents more than 100 questions(It could be any number of questions and it will come from Database) one at a time with different answer options(4 answers for 1 question) in the screen. If the user marks his/her answers it will go to the next question and so on and finally save all the answers.

So for UI design, I am thinking to go for a group box with 4 set of radio buttons for each question.
Here my question is: Could anyone tell me what is the best options or control I should choose for this kind of requirements.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


a containercontrol containing these 4 radio buttons, that you embed in the window dynamically depending on the content of the questions stored in the database.

Instead of a GroupBox and RadioButtons, i’d recommend to not use a GroupBox because of recent Drawing Speed Issues. And instead of RadioButtons, use a ListBox with CheckBox Cells. Will be easier to adapt later Questions with more or less than 4 possible Answers. :wink:

  1. Create a new ContainerControl with a Label or TextField or TextArea for the Question; add a Listbox and PushButtons for Next, Previous, … All Controls should have a Private Scope (to keep things clean in Autocomplete and so on…).
  2. Then add a Method to the Container which is not of Private Scope and with this Method you can hand over the Database Pointer, the RecordSet or or or … to the Container for displaying the Texts.

Place this Container in a Window or anywhere you would like to display the Q&A stuff. :slight_smile:

The challenge you will have is if an answer is multi-line (due to length of the string, and/or having endofline(s) in it. Some answers will be a few words long and some several sentences. How do you deal with the variable height of the answers?

I ask this question as it will plague you with your design until resolve it. Once you resolve it, the reset of the design is easy(ier).

Thanks all for your input.

@Sascha S & @Jean-Yves Pochez: As per my requirements it will seem to be fit for me. I will try and update you if I face any issue.
@scott boss: My answer to each question is a radio button. So I don’t think it will trouble me for UI design. But YES, your point is valid and it depends upon the requirements.