UI Automation Test Scripts


Is it possible to create UI Automation for Xojo?



platform ?

on macOS if your controls are Accessibility enabled then yes since you can use Applescript to write scripts to push buttons by name and a host of other things
However some framework controls are not Accessibility enabled and I would hazard a guess that any custom controls you’ve created from canvases containers etc also are not

That poses some serious issues in how you can script them
All that said Thomas T at one point wrote some articles on his site about making apple scriptable Xojo apps
Not sure if this all still works but it may be one way to make your app scriptable so you CAN then run UI testing autmatically

Windows ?
no idea

Thanks for replying Norman. Ideally Windows as there can often be cross platform issues (as I’m sure you know). I’ll investigate your link as it’s better than nothing for now.

Thanks very much

I wrote a set of UI Automation classes for iOS two years ago.
This helped automating video previews of Packr for the App Store in different languages.

The input parameters are
-the control path such as Windows1.Container2.Button3
-the action to perform such as push / highlight / change value / scroll

Other actions are possible such as “wait” for X seconds

I might be able to update it for Desktop.
The main limitation on Desktop is that it won’t be able to handle MessageBox or system dialogs (open file / save file…)

Does this help?


Run the project and press the “Start Automation” button

Wow Jeremie! That looks terrific. I just had a quick look through it and it seems very usable. I’m going to play around with it to see how it fits into my project (which might take me a while - not enough hours in the day and all that!) - Thanks very much for taking the time