UI Auto-Layout issues

I try to make a more friently user interface and to subtitute the menu opened on the right side with a 4 rows with 5 squared-images each.
But I have problem with auto layout. Is there any suggestion of how to achieve that?


Could you post pictures of what you have now and what you want to achieve ?

What do you call auto-layout ?

Hi Michel and Happy New Year. Sorry for the delay (christmas time)
I have not any pictures yet but just thinking to substitute menu items with square images which every would be direct the user to th eapproprie page. With AutoLayout I mean Xojo features, what would be if the user reduce the size of the page to the half screen? Set for all objects only Top locking on?

Michael, I am not aware of any autolayout feature from Xojo Web. Locking mechanism, yes.

May I used wrong word. But anyay, the question remains the same… is it possible to achieve that using rubberview? It might me useful a video tutorial…

RubberViewsWE has been put on hold, pending the issuance of Web 2.00.

What is built in Xojo Web is the locking mechanism.

But you will have to resize images yourself in code.

whenever i resize images they ar enot streched or shrink…

Indeed, pictures won’t be resized when the control is resized.

You have to do it.

is there any xojo example code on this? It is manipulated graphics and my intution does not work on that :slight_smile:

You may want to have a look at RubberViewsWE. It does what you wanted.