Ugly artifact in web app

Hi All,

I have a web app with several pages. One (the default page) is tall and skinny (360 units) for viewing on an iPhone. Another is wide (1024 units) for viewing on a computer screen.

The Skinny page has a minimum width of 360 units, and the Wide page has a minimum width of 1024 units.

When I run the app (either debug or deployed) the wide page is overlaid on top of the skinny page. Looks atrocious. Resizing the browser window causes the wide page controls to move with respect to the Skinny items on the page. Persists through a restart of Xojo and the development Mac Book Pro.

If I set the minimum width of the Wide page to 360 units, the problem goes away.

I am wondering if this is expected bad behaviour, or if this is a New Thing.

Tony Barry

Don’t show them both.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for the reply.

Actually I am not showing both pages … just one at a time. Close one, show the next.

If one resizes the page to make the width smaller or larger, the interfering (unwanted) page controls move horizontally over the top of the wanted page elements (which do retain their position with respect to top, left).

I might make up a small project which displays the behaviour.

Tony Barry

That would be best, because I’m having a hard time imagining what you’re doing.