UDP Sockets on iOS 16 - No longer seem to work

Hi all,

Something seems to have changed recently in regards to UDPSockets. Since upgrading to iOS16, they simply don’t seem to work. The sockets work fine in the simulators and when running a debug build on a device, but when you compile the app and load it from Xcode or from TestFlight - they don’t work. The app reports to connect to the socket but it never gets any data. You can send UDP data all day long and it just doesn’t work.

I’ve downloaded an app from the App Store that lets you send and receive UDP sockets on iOS devices. It works.

So am I looking at a Xojo problem here or is there some entitlement I am missing? Something extra I need to put in a .plist file that the framework isn’t?

It definitely seems to be an iOS16 change as my iPad that is on iOS15 still has the UDP functionality in my Xojo built app working.

This might help

And this:

Thanks. I just requested the entitlement. Sucks you have to ask Apple permission for things to work.

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