UDP on iOS

Hi all,
It’s been a while since I’ve been on here as I’ve been off in hardware land for a few months. I’m now starting to make some changes to our software solution and could really do with a UDP socket for iOS. I understand there are limitations of not turning on the radio, not working in the background etc, but UDP is the only way for us to go for our robot systems.

Anyone have any suggestions or a quote for some paid work?


Ask Christian! Maybe he can make a kind of plugin for you!
I need it also so keep me informed.
I also don’t care about missing some packets.

Christian cannot make a plugin, because Xojo iOS does not support plugins yet.

Also, see https://forum.xojo.com/18865-udp/0

In other words: a wrapper

I think for many reasons, Christian would prefer the same scheme as what he does for Desktop. I am sure the moment plugins are available for iOS, he will release a whole collection.

In the meantime, we have to live with declares. And this depends on the benevolent efforts of a few volunteers. Sockets can be a problem, though, because especially under iOS, they are asynchronous, and the call back mechanism involved is very difficult to implement.

@James Mullins : If you want mobile and UDP, maybe you should check into Windows tablets. These are basically complete PCs inside a tablet. There, you can use in Xojo EasyUDPSocket.

I have an Asus Book T-100 convertible, and it is really no bigger than an iPad when detached from the keyboard. There are several models to chose from as well : https://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss_2?url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=asus+t-100

is the lack of UDP a OS level issue or Xojo level issue? The reason I ask is the project we’re set to work on early next year, requires UDP… I just presumed it would be there.

Its possible in iOS but it requires async code which currently doesn’t work with Xojo iOS without unsafe code/“hacks”. There are plenty of examples of how to do this in Obj-C and Swift.

Well, if there are a few of use who need UDP on iOS, let’s pay Christian together for a good wrapper! Waiting for the Xojo team is useless because the have to much things to do that are more important!
Can you comment on this @Christian Schmitz ?

an UDP Socket for iOS?

Could be possible.

+1, with broadcast and multicast possibilities too. I buy directly the plugin Network iOS with that.

So, who do we donate to to get this to happen?

If you want mobile and UDP, maybe you should check into alternative development environments which DO offer complete exposure to the iOS infrastructure… Swift comes to mind.

Well, I could of course spend a few days on that.

Maybe some people email me, so I can make a list of beta testers and a list of wishes?

[quote=304273:@Christian Schmitz]Well, I could of course spend a few days on that.

Maybe some people email me, so I can make a list of beta testers and a list of wishes?[/quote]
you can add me to your beta userlist!

Hey folks, Any progress on a solution? I’ve just started writing my first iOS app on Xojo, and need to send UDP packets.
My current solution is to use a 3rd party app called “UDP Remote” (Alcorn McBride Inc), and set up buttons in that, but it would be better if I could write my own app for my own product. :slight_smile:

Note that on https://developer.apple.com/library/content/documentation/NetworkingInternet/Conceptual/NetworkingTopics/Articles/UsingSocketsandSocketStreams.html

Apple literally says
[i]In iOS, POSIX networking is discouraged because it does not activate the cellular radio or on-demand VPN. Thus, as a general rule, you should separate the networking code from any common data processing functionality and rewrite the networking code using higher-level APIs.]/i]

POSIX networking includes UDP

If you look at how Apple does things nowadays; basically I think their recommendation is to have a central server online, wherby your applications connect to it and then route the messages back to machines that are on a ‘local’ network.

Well, my UDPSocket class for iOS is available:

as well as Bonjour and NSURLConnection classes:

Can confirm Christians code works a treat.