Udp autodiscovery with Xojo and .net?

I need to let a couple of .net apps and a xojo app broadcast and be given their settings automatically on startup.

Is there an example of this available?
The ‘server’ is a xojo web app and the clients are a mix of xojo and .net.

I would suggest checking our MBS plugin classes for bonjour. That is a standard and probSbly easier to support than Xojos auto discovery.

Thanks Christian,

would i need to install bonjour service on the windows machines ?
Im not sure that would be allowed on all sites, and id rather have something that works everywhere.

Well either you rewrite Xojos auto discovery in .net.

Or you use the bonjour classes.
For that you could just include the dll.
And either people install some software like iTunes or FileMaker to get it. Or just the bonjour installer from Apple.

Thanks for the ideas.

I managed to get it working just using udp broadcast sockets. Vb.net took me a long while to get it working while xojo ws sorted in about 25 minutes! all good fun!