ubuntu print problem

The code below is what I use on Windows to print text. When I use the same exact code on Ubuntu Linux it does not work. It displays the print dialog, then immediately closes the entire program and DOES NOT print the text. All I see is a flash of the dialog before it shuts down and returns to the IDE. Can you help me?

Dim g As Graphics
g = OpenPrinterDialog

If g <> Nil Then
Dim textWidth As Integer = 72 * 7.5
Dim stp As StyledTextPrinter
stp = TextArea1.StyledTextPrinter(g, textWidth)
stp.width=400 'set column width
g.DrawString(“XJSnip Help File”, 25, 50) ’ must print last
g.DrawString(textarea1.Text, 25, 80)
MsgBox(“Printing Cancelled.”)
End If

If this happens on Ubuntu 14 (32Bit), then this is a known issue that Xojo won’t fix :frowning: See <https://xojo.com/issue/54807>
Xojo built applications on Ubuntu 16 and 18 seem to be able to print.
For Ubuntu 14 (32Bit), you’d have to use Xojo 2017r1 (the latest version that uses GTK2).
Or add one more Feedback so that Xojo gets to know that it is an issue more than just one of their customers would like to get fixed :wink:

I never think about giving you the version number, sorry. I am using xojo 2018r4.

Maybe you could try my code and if it works for you. While I’m not sure what GTK2 means, I have kept my Ubuntu software updated on a regular basis. What else can I do? I have run the xojo printing text example found on Ubuntu and it prints correctly every time.

Also, I am on a x86 64bit linux machine using the x86 64 bit architecture option when building.

@Paul Abell

what Linux x64 distro?

ubuntu 18.04 LTS

According to the About file.

Well, egg on my face. Sorry. I discovered the printer queue was in a state of Held. Once I cleared out the documents, everything started working normally. I’ll know what to check for next time! Thank you for your consideration and time!