Type TextField Has No Member Named Value?

As some of you know, I’m replacing my make-shift database with a SQLite database which I did successfully about two years ago. But after two years, I need to go back to the tutorials again. This time, after following the same tutorial, The IDE is now telling me that “Type TextField has no member named Value.” :roll_eyes: It must have had that member two years ago because I copied and pasted the code from the tutorial just as I’m doing now, and my database worked perfectly. I did a search for that error message but didn’t find anything helpful. Does anyone know what’s going on?

IDLabel.Text = rs.Column("id").StringValue
Does that work for you?

Xojo released a few updates after the initial API 2.0.
In API 2.1 they reverted TextField.Value back to TextField.Text.

Thanks, Emily! Yes, that works. And it works for the TextFields too. And Tim just told us why. Thanks, Tim!

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