type mismatch error

Does anyone know what this means and how to fix it?

when I try to run or compile I get this error
ServerList.tcpreplyhttps.Name Layout (property name)

Type mismatch error. Expected Integer, but got TextLiteral

it makes no sense to me as the “Name” of the control should be text and not an integer.


This is sometimes an error caused by a corrupt window. File a feedback case with your project attached and an IDE engineer can look into what’s causing the issue and make recommendations . If you’ve stumbled upon a pretty generic issue they may even fix it so that it won’t affect others in the future.

Short term hotfix for corrupt windows: Start over completely fresh with the window. No copying and pasting controls at all. On the flip side, copying and pasting code, properties, and constants is usually safe. Once it’s entirely recreated, delete the original, change the name of the rebuilt window, and compile. Problem should vanish!

Hi TIm,

I have made a project by cutting the offending control and pasting it in a new WE project.
When run it gives the same error

New problem is the Feedback Server isn’t available.
Will try later

“The Xojo Feedback server could not be reached.
Feedback requires the ability to communicate with the Xojo server in order to operate. Please try again in a few minutes.”

is there something special you need to do to make it work
OS: windows 7

What I did in the end was create a new control and cut and pasted the methods
Delete old control and rename new control.

Problem gone.

Glad you resolved the issue!

[quote=373607:@damon pillinger]is there something special you need to do to make it work
OS: windows 7[/quote]
Not usually, that’s more of a @Greg O’Lone question.