Type/edit forum posts

It is very hard do it on iphone. keyboard goes over text and last words are near impossible to type/edit.

I’d argue it’s a limitation of phones. Even on Android phones, messaging apps and forums are a pain to use; don’t ask why I rarely use phones to write texts.

You’re pretty right :+1: I just now haven’t any other option ( in a place only thing I can have is my phone, don’t want bother you why :innocent:).
Will deal with it :sunglasses:

Yes, sad.
One shouldn’t be forced to use a phone for such tasks.

get a small bluetooth keyboard :wink:

Ah nice😂
Dunno if carry a bt keyboard will be a gread addon for a phone, 'tho😇
I think in the case of this forum, it simply needs the textarea be with less lines height in order to have bottom bordes a slightly above the full sw kb you see in image. Maybe. Oh well I didn’t say I deal with it? :sweat_smile:

at my android phone the web page looks complete different. (better to use)