Two RadioButtons Selected at the Same Time???

I’ve a Control Group that consists of 4 Radio Buttons. All for buttons are placed on the same page of a Page Panel. Something is allowing the first button (rbDestination(0)) to be selected at the same time as any of the other three. However, the other tree all switch the selection as expected with the clicked button turning off either of the other two. Could the spacing between the first button and the others be the cause here?

By parenting the buttons onto a canvas resolves this, but should that be necessary?

Control groups do not define radio button groups
Are those two radio buttons parented in the same container (window, canvas, etc) ?
If not then they do not act as one group of radio button but as several independent ones

As Norman says… one of them is not a child of the page panel.
Drag the odd one (the top one?) away to one side, then drag it back over the pagepanel until the pagepanel goes red in the IDE

I definitely checked that before posting. They all light the border around the PP when selected and all only show when that page is shown, so unless Xojo is highlighting parents incorrectly …

For now, I’ve placed then into a canvas to alleviate the issue - and marked it up as one more workaround that shouldn’t be required.

Dunno without seeing the text file for the layout itself - its easy to see what thinks what is the parent in there as well

The only time I’ve seen this wrong is when things arent parented the way you think they are - and I dont usually see Xojo get the highlight wrong

Drag the parent and see if all the radios move with it, one might have a parent with similar dimensions but not be in the same parent.

They did.

I did check that and the InitialParent were all “ppWizard” (the PagePanel) and the “TabPanelIndex” were all 3 (which was correct).

Copy the controls into a test project and delete all code and see if it still does it.

I had a similar problem after updating a project from a much older version of Xojo…

I fixed it by dragging all the radio buttons completely out of the radio button box, deselect them, reselect them and then drag them back into the box.

Save as XML, the bugged one; after, once fixed, save another XML copy and verify what was the difference just for curiosity.