Two questions re: iOSKit (StoreKit) and "lite" version

  1. Is StoreKit in the current iOSKit workable with API 2, or are there any modifications that need to be made to make it work. I haven’t done anything with this in a couple years so checking if it is good to go out of the box

  2. I currently have a paid app on the App Store but have wanted to start making this a freemium app. I’m not sure how to just change this paid app to a free + IAP app where past users would be merged to the free version and be asked to pay (i.e. make it so they have the premium version after updating). I thought maybe just have two: One paid that past users will update to and have full access and one that is free + IAP. So my question is, is it allowable by Apple to have a paid app and a “lite” app that are exactly the same, except for the few disabled features in the free lite app? I have seen this in the past but not sure if this is something Apple is trying to prevent now. Ideally, I would like to discontinue the paid app and just go the freemium route, but I have customers who are still buying the paid app daily and don’t want to leave them out to dry with discontinuing it the next day


for the point 1: yes you can use storekit with api 2.0. I’ve publish two apps withit last week.

for the point 2:
have your user some data on their phone ?
You can imagine update the actual paid app with a new screen that present the new feature of the freemium app. In this new screen, incite them to give their email to have a promo code that offer the IAP in the fremium app. Maybe a webservice that automatise the email ?
And publish a new fremium app.

This is helpful, thank you!