Two computers sharing a file


I am considering developing a system where two pieces of software could read/write the same file.

Computer 1 reads a specific file, and its software behaves based on the values recorded in that file.

Computer 2 writes values to the file so that the values in that file can be read by the Computer 1.

The way I am considering to have it done is as follows:

  1. Computer 2 creates a file in a specific DropBox folder
  2. If needed, Computer 2 overrides the file in the DropBox folder
  3. Computer 1 reads the file in the DropBox folder on as needed or on the time laps basis (the folder is going to be a shared folder)

The downside of this approach is that I will need to create to DropBox accounts and I will need to have internet access for this system to work.

Is there any better way to accomplish this rather than using a shared folder on DropBox?

Any advice is highly appreciated.

Thank you,


To be clear about the parameters, neither computer is on the same network and neither can act as an Internet server to the other necessitating a middleman, yes?

where are the two computers in relation to each other?
On the same LAN? if so, have one computer “host” the file, and created a shared network area
Or a central web based file server… but this will complicate things a tad bit more.

NOTE : if Step 3 attempts to happen from Computer 1, while Computer 2 is doing Step #2 YOU WILL HAVE PROBLEMS

If computer 2 is only going to “write”, and computer 1 is onlly going to always “read”… you could FTP the file from computer 2 to computer 1 as required…

Computer 2 is only going to write, and Computer 1 is only going to read.

I was thinking of installing a DropBox app on both computers and set a shared folder where the file is going to be located. Doing so, I could have a set location for the Computer 2 to save the file, and the location from where the Computer 1 will find the file to read.

With this setting Computer 1 and Computer 2 might be either on the same LAN or just have access to the internet.

Computer 2 will have an Application 2 on it. In the Application 2, a user can change properties of different GUI elements that will be recorded into the text file.

Computer 1 will have a timer running every 1 second reading the text file and adjusting some GUI elements on its Application 1 based on those variables.

Achieving this via a shared folder (shared DropBox folder) is rather straightforward to me. I am just curious if there is a better way to do it.

Dave, you mentioned sending the file from Computer 2 to Computer 1 via FTP. Can you guide me in the right direction on how to do it?

Thank you, guys, very much for your advices.


there are lots of ways to do this… its been a while… but cURL is probably the easiest…
Somewhere on this forum I posted a bunch of simple cURL protocols (free) that can be used with Shell function
and I think MBS (not free) has some functions as well