Tuya Cloud API anyone?

In case you don’t know it: Tuya live is a cloud service for home automation systems. I am struggling with the set-up: Using CurlMBS, a time stamp placed in headers will always result in a “invalid time stamp” error. Once I use CurlMBS.setupOAuth with exactly the same value, this error is gone. But then, although the documentation gives a step-by-step instruction on how to calculate the hash, this will always fail.

Anyone interested in it too and open to share some ideas?
Thanks a lot!

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Hello, what a coincidence. I would like to control my air conditioning in the house via Xojo. As soon as the battery of the PV system is empty, the air conditioning should switch off. The air conditioning systems themselves run via the SmartLife SmartHome app. I found a video on YouTube that shows it is also possible to control the devices via Tuya.

Greetings Norbert

Dann können wir uns gerne auch auf Deutsch austauschen :wink:
But here for all:
It’s not only YouTube, Tuya API is pretty big (and the documentation spread about a multitude of pages). You need to create a developer account and activate some APIs (for free). There’s also a Postman script and intro tutorial, and while I can replicate some of the stuff, I fail at others.
If you (or someone else) wants to join in, I’d set up a repository.

Gerne, bin dabei.

So here’s what I got so far. Uses MBS, and on Window1 you find a TuyaControl where you need to enter your access id and secret.