Tutorial - create custom look for ListBox component


I like to show you how to Create custom look for Listbox component in Xojo IDE . In this tutorial we will cover in few steps how easy create ListBox component that was inspired by iTunes list displaying installed apps on iOS device. There is no need for third part components. You can do it by yourself. Let’s start coding!

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Great of you to share this :smiley:


@Andre Pienaar there will be more tutorial coming :slight_smile: Working on simple Twitter app and Growl Notification support.

Awesome! What would be the best way to follow you?

@Andre Pienaar you can follow me on twitter @kubadownload

@Kuba Pawlak Thanks :smiley:

I’m back with next exciting tutorial Create Finder Sidebar in Xojo IDE using ListBox component. It is bit more advanced than the previous one but still you can do it without any third part components or control tools. Let’s start!

Check out FGSourceList for an existing sidebar lookalike: https://github.com/gkjpettet/FGSourceList
It provides collapsable sidebars with the built in styling of iTunes, Finder, and Mail.

This is nice one with plenty of options to choose from. Thank you for sharing :slight_smile:

Would it be possible for you to include a downloadable sample with the tutorials?

@shao sean Ok, I will add a option to download the project file.

I believe that this should be moved to the iOS target conversation area …

Huh? Why?

Never mind. I read description in the first entry and replied to that instead of the whole thread.

I’d disagree
Theres nothing iOS related in here except the “inspired by iOS” in the original post

I can send you the file via e-mail. Download option will be implemented in next weeks.

Check the text on your website. There are some nasty typo’s:

“Create for Listbox1 CallBacgroundPaint EventHandler” -> CellBackgroundPaint
“Create CallTextPaint EventHandler for Listbox.” -> CellTextPaint

Thank you. Corrected :slight_smile: