Trying to use TimerMBS, what am I missing here?

Hi all, I would like to try out TimerMBS because I need a higher resolution Timer than the native one.

The problem is I’m having a hard time wrapping my head around how to instantiate it so that I can get access to its Action event in my window.

I have created a property on my Window called “tt” that is of type TimerMBS.

Then in my window Opening event I’m trying to do this:

tt = new TimerMBS(15,true)
AddHandler tt.Action, AddressOf TimerFired

This doesn’t work, Type Mismatch Error on tt.Action, expected Delegate(TimerMBS) but got Delegate Delegate().

I feel like I’m missing something basic here but I can’t quite figure it out. Any pushes in the right direction would be appreciated.

The compiler expected a method that looks like this: Sub TimerFired(Sender As TimerMBS) but you gave it one that looks like this: Sub TimerFired()


Thank you for that! After reading the AddHandler help page it really isn’t emphasized how to implement that, but I can see what they’re getting at after your explanation. Thanks again, that got me going. Cheers!