Trying to get Signing Applications to Work

I am trying to get an app signed to distribute from my own website.

App Wrapper says I need:

  1. Developer ID Application
  2. Developer ID Installer
  3. Apple Development or Mac Developer

I try and get these things but

When I try and proceed with App Wrapper I see this.

At this point I am confused because this does not appear on the list of three things that I was told that I needed.

I go to my account with Apple accessed through my Apple ID. It lists the three things that seem to be what I was told that I needed.


Under My Certificates I have nothing. I mention this because I am confused by the difference between My Certificates and Certificates.


I look at Certificates and I see:

Now it seems that my flailing around has created duplicates. Clicking on them individually – they all say valid.

One of the many things that I do not understand is the relationship between these certificates and the three things listed above that I am told I need. (1. Developer ID Application 2. Developer ID Installer 3. Apple Development or Mac Developer

Another is that I am told that I am missing

Developer ID Certification Authority

But I do not know how or where to find this. I have never seen these words as an option to select in all my blundering around App Wrapper and the Apple sites and Keychain Access

Reading forum posts I understand that this process is not supposed to be fun. But I have spent days trying to get this to work and keep failing. With the information that I have provided does someone have suggestions of what I should try?

Thomas Roemert suggested in another thread to use Xcode where you can manage an account that is created with your Apple ID.

I have never used Xcode before but I have it on my machine. So I fired it up.

The particular problem that I was complaining about above was very easy to fix. I include these comments just to help some future person (including myself) deal with such things.

In the Xcode Account Window I saw this:

Note in the lower right corner the button Manage Certificates…

I clicked on that and moved to this next dialogue window

It “knew” about a Developer ID Application that was not in Keychain for whatever reason. I selected from the pop-up. Now when I am back in App Wrapper the "Developer ID Certificate Authority is Green Checked and I seem to have successfully taken another step on this journey. My understanding is poor but whatever.

You can see the new green look now with the red look that I sent earlier.

It is a bag of spanners, to be sure.
Like you, I ended up with many duplicates, which gets infuriating when one of them expires because
-you can’t delete the duplicates
-you can’t tell which ones are the right ones

  • and in my personal experience, (having contacted Apple Support), they didnt know how these work either, or how to fix them, and couldn’t 'do something at their end’

At one point I seriously considered creating a new Dev account.
(at several other I considered increasing the ventilation by introducing my MBP to the window)

The feeling of relief when you kick a few random tyres and it starts working again, is palpable.

Well, they’re not random. This can be done without guessing. It just seems spammy for me to sell consulting services every time someone has this problem.

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I did a blog post about signing last year that talks about the hierarchy of the certificates that may be helpful in understanding why things seem to fail randomly.

The next problem that App Wrapper identifies is that I have duplicate Developer ID Installer

The suggestion is to go to Keychain Access and delete one of them by right clicking on an entry and deleting it. I can see the duplicates and I can right-click on one of them and choose the Delete option but nothing happens. I have tried to do this several times. Restarted Mac etc. But I cannot get the thing to delete. I always see the two copies.

Is someone familiar with this problem?