Trying to figure out how to create this document

Use the full path to html2ps. Remember, shells don’t inherit your full PATH.

Did you chmod 755 the script? I’ve not used linux in 20 years, I have it working here, I don’t really know what else to suggest.

Hmm, its working from a web url, let me figure out how to allow it to read from local

ok, you need to put the full path to Gift\ Certificate.html in the bash script, otherwise it cant find the file and produces a blank document.

ps. it helps if you display the result if there’s an error as that will show the error returned from the script, where as error is just the error from the shell.execute

I’ll give that a try. Just got back to my home… stupid evac orders.

Okay that was it… works now. Hmm, I figured since the script was in the same directory I would be good to go… guess not! :rofl:

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