Trying to be lazy - not working


I have an existing application which I want to almost duplicate. To explain: As I run the existing application, results are stored in a database. The reason for this is that to use the application would take up about four hours of a committee’s time, and computers sometimes crash. So I need to record everything that has been done. I have this application running.

In the event of a crash, I would use the second application to “restore” the state just before the crash, and then carry on as if nothing happened.

I though to save a lot of time (actually, being lazy) I would duplicate the first existing program delete some windows and code I no longer need, and then work from there. Luckily before I got too far, I decided to try and built the new app. It still had the name of the existing app. I assume this is because of the Application Identifier.

Where is that store, and is it possible to change it. Otherwise, how might I go about what I want to achieve?

Many thanks

The app/exe name is in Build Settings

Thanks Tim I found it. I just changed everything that held the original app name to the new app name for each of the platforms. For the App Identifier for the Mac I made it all lowercase on one word.

Is this a reasonable technique? Do people use it, or is it too dangerous?

Why should this be dangerous? I’ve used this technique before, too.

This is the first time I have done this, and I just wanted to be sure it was OK to change those details in the Build settings. By dangerous, I just meant that I may have screwed things up, but I have managed to Build my new app, and it is working as expected. Thanks for your help.