Troubles with two windows (Listbox)

In a project, I have troublew when two windows are on screen.

There is something new today, I was no more able to enter text or arrow: I get bips and key down or delete does not habe any effect (edit text in a cell).

Also, press a top / bottom arrow (not editing a Row) in the Frontmost window, the Listbox in the other window moves (top to bottom or reverse).

This stopped once I closed the second window. The application was compiled at last August 26 (2018), but have troubles since… I do not recall. *

The only thing I can think of is this code:

[code] Dim w As New wMain


Is there’s something wrong in the way I create a new window (above) ?

Excepted for today trouble (never saw it before), the pther trouble does not really bother me because it appears on some specific way (characteristic of a bug!):

  • Sometimes, I have to make copy / paste between two windows (cannot be merged automatically) and moving the Listbox with the TouchPad on the window who do not have the focus have troubles when I click in that second window to copy a Cell contents (a scroll to the top for some tens of Row).

The symptoms that you describe suggest that you are running a endless loop. You have a do…loop or a while…wend condition somewhere in your code that does not end or exit.

It presumably has nothing to do with the way that you open the windows, more likely what you do in one or the other window in some other event or method. You will have to reproduce the conditions in debug mode and step into your code to figure out where the endless loop is happening.

Thanks Louis.

While reading your answer, I was recalling one of my answers: create a brand new project and try to not replicate the problem there :wink:

I will follow your suggestion first.